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VEMS Engine control

Qualitec has experience with engine control since 2006. Therefore we can assist you both with the choice of engine control as well as installation. Vems are a really good choice for those who want something that works and at the same time is an engine control that is easy to work with. This engine control is factory soldered and with quality waterproof connectors.

If you need help choosing engine management, you are very welcome to contact us.


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Whose engine control - 6 IGN - 400 KPA

Typical configuration of an engine control.

Whose motor control

Very fine motor control with lots of cool race features! Easy setup and plenty of support to get the engine control running.

Installation of Vems programmable motor control

Qualitec offers the installation of Vems programmable motor control with a run-in of 1000 hp. scroll bar.
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Whose config file

Configuration for several more types of models.
From €201,64

Whose config file - BMW

Configuration for multiple BMW models.
From €134,43

Vems Adjustment / run-in

Qualitec offers 1000 hp Adjustment / run-in. scroll bar.
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VEMS engine control - 8 ignition outputs - Offer

VR / inductive on primary trigger - Hall on secondary. - Incl. 2 pieces for mounting (EC18 + EC36)
€703,05 €638,53

PNP M50 VANOS - With 400 KPA map sensor

VEMS engine control for BMW M50 with Vanos - 400KPA map sensor included
€1061,30 €940,31

BMW M50 / M52 / S52B32 VEMS PNP - Plug and play

This Vems engine control fits BMW with M50 engine
From €1061,30