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Cooling - Everything for cooling systems for motorsport

Below you will find just about everything you need when building a car for motorsport. Cooling the engine fluids, such as engine oil and cooling fluids is one of the most important factors when you have to run an engine, if your engine gets too hot it will damage the engine and shorten its lifespan. The way you cool the car's fluids is by sending them out in a cooler (either for the coolant or engine oil), this cooler should be as large as possible or of a suitable dimension, depending on the type of motorsport you drive. The liquid that comes out of the radiator is cooled by the air that is passed through the radiator fins, for this, it is also important to use a radiator fan of proper quality. Cooling fans in very high quality from eg. SPAL.

The engine thermostat determines the minimum operating temperature, this is typically around 85-90 degrees. If you want to raise the power on your engine, it can be an advantage to drive with a lower temperature of eg 70-75 degrees. Here you need to find another thermostat that opens before.

If you choose an oil cooling kit from us, then your sure that the quality on both the oil cooler and the AN fittings are top-notch. If your unable to find a set that meets your needs, we can help make a custom set just for you. We have everything related to fittings and hoses.

To allow the engine to circulate the water, a water pump is mounted, and this pump is mechanically pulled by a strap that follows the rotations of the engine. When the engine is running at high rotations, the water pump often runs at much faster speeds, then what is optimal. For that reason its an advantage to mount a water pump that runs at optimal speeds independent of the engine rotations. This will also increase the effect of the engine, as it no longer needs to run an inefficient pump.

For style points use stylish cooling hoses, we offer several colors, and it will add that nice touch to the engine room. If you rebuilding the cooling system, you might need a new expansion tank, these are mounted with a lid and overpressure valve. If you make your own tank, we offer great-looking new cooling lids, with or without pressure valves.