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Turbo accessories

Anything related to turbos, you will find here. Such as exhaust flanges, support bolts, and heat shields. The advantage of support bolts is you avoid any risk of the bolts shaking loose. These are specially made to handle the heat and stress of the turbo. Our heatshields products help you manage and control the heat generated by your engine room. We offer Power wrap, Heat Shield, Exhaust wrap, and turbo blankets, all of them are of great quality and made to last.  

Missing a product related to turbos?

If you need a product related to mounting a turbo or car tuning, check out our section Tuning and accessories where we have turbo manifolds, WG, boost controllers, intercoolers etc.

Stainless steel clamps - Here we got T-bolt clamps, regular clamps and rubber clamps  


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Stainless strips

Stainless strips for putting out powerwrap on exhaust
From €0,27

Welding kit for assembly

Should you have welded your collector and exhaust together, this is the kit for you!

Stainless and Aluminum studs - Welding nipples

Studs for making outlets for eg blow off valve, turbo control valve or similar.
From €5,04

Hose nozzle - Studs for fluid or air pressure

Studs for mounting turbo pressures or fluids such as fuel, oil, and water
From €5,11

Welding Nipples - Aluminum, Stainless & Steel

Welding nipples for AN screws.
From €3,90

Water connection kit for several models

Connection kit for water of eg 1.8T 20V and BMW. Comes with AN fittings and hose.
From €66,56

Oil return pump for turbo / Gear oil pump 12v

Oil return pump. Used when turbo sits lower than oil height in bottom vessel.
From €184,90

Locking rings Ø3,0mm


Locking rings Ø5,0mm


Locking rings Ø6,0mm