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Tuning of 1.4 TSI engine

If you have a VAG 1.4 TSI, you have different options for tuning your engine. One of the options is eg chip tuning which is a very easy and efficient way to get more power. It typically gives the extra torque and power you are just missing. Read more about 1.4 TSI tuning on the guide below.

1.4 TSI tuning guide - Read more about the options for upgrading your 1.4 TSI engine

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Autogauge - Boost adapter for VW 1.2 / 1.4 TSI / TFSI engines

Charge pressure outlet for charge pressure gauge

Downpipe for 1.4 TSI - Stainless steel

Very good downpipe for the 1.4 TSI engine.

Forge TSI / TFSI - Blow off valve

Blow off valve for TSI engine. This blow off can be mounted directly on cars with TSI engine.
From €43,69

Upgrade turbo 1.4 TSI engines

Turbo which can deliver up to 230 hp. on a 1.4 TSI engine

1.4 TSI - Olierør Audi, Seat, Skoda,VW - OP10189

Olierør til 1.4 TSI turbolader

1.4 TSI - Pakningssæt til 53039880248

Montagesæt til turbolader på 1.4 TSI med pakninger, med monteringsvejledning og sprøje for at give olie til turboladeren inden montering.

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