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AN Nippel adaptor fitting - Black Aluminum

AN Nippel for fuel systems. We have a broad selection for oilhoses, fuelhoses etc. They are typically in stock and can be shipped within 24 hours of ordering.
AN Nippels are typically used to transform threads to AN. We have AN Nipples in metric, unf, bsp and npt.
So we got nearly every type of thread, but we do not have english inch threads.

PT VS NPT thread

PT & NPT are both pipe threads - The internal and external threads are closely matched and can be divided into straight pipes and conical pipes. NPT is an abbreviation of National (American) Pipe Taper Thread, which is an American standard 60° degree thread pitch. PT (Pipe Thread), is a Wyeth 55° conical pipe thread used in Europe and Commonwealth countries. The taper is 1:16 and is commonly used in the water and gas pipe industry.
PT and NPT cannot be used together, thread pitch and number of threads per inches are not the same.

NPSM thread

NPSM: NPT male with tapered 30° Male seat, sealing against matching tapered 30° female seat.


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