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Buy universal rear muffler cheaply!

Here you will find all our universal rear pots which are of super good quality. We have, for example, rear pots from Simon's exhaust which are often used in connection with tuning and motorsport. We also have many other parts to build exhaust with - Just look at our menu of exhaust for cars. You can browse. find stainless steel rear pots that do not rust in the same way as a rear muffler made of ordinary. iron which is then treated with heat-resistant paint. However, it must be said that the back pots in steel still last incredibly long, and hot can be recommended to build exhaust with if you want to save some money when you need to build a cheap exhaust.

Mounting of the universal rear muffler

If you need to install a new rear muffler, it is quickly made, if you just have a welder a little ingenious with your fingers, you can easily mount a rear muffler yourself. Remember to buy a little exhaust pipe and bends if it is to sit a little differently than the original rear muffler. Use eg. stainless steel clamps from Simons, u-clamps, or v-band clamps to attach the rear muffler to the original exhaust.

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Rear damper 2.5 ”- SS304

Oval rear pot.

"Elipse" Oval Departure - Universal Rear Pot

Oval stainless baking pot. Rear pot with bold sound and very high quality.
€227,76 €167,29

Magnaflow Mirror rear pots 2.25 ”- 14853

Magnaflow rear muffler with silencer insert. With Short Exit Pipe

Sports Silencer RM12 - 63,5mm

1.00130.01-RM12 - 63,5mm
Diameter of the inlet - 63,5mm

Magnaflow rear pots 2.25 ”- 14827

Magnaflow oval rear pot. With long oblique discharge pipe.

Sports Silencer RM21 - 50mm

RM21 - 50mm
Diameter of the inlet - 50 mm

Magnaflow rear pots 2.25 ”- 14829

Magnaflow oval rear pot. With long oblique discharge pipe.

Magnaflow rear pots 2.25 ”- 14862

Magnaflow oval rear pot. With double beveled discharge pipe.

Magnaflow Mirror rear pots 2.25 ”- 14860

Magnaflow rear pot. With short beveled discharge pipe

3 "single outlet - Vibrant Performance 1147

Inlet 3 "(76.2mm) Tip O.D. 3" (76.2mm)