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ARP bolts for all purposes

We sell the entire ARP bolt catalog - so we get bolts home to almost all car makes and models. ARP bolts are of the highest quality and bolts are used in all contexts with motorsport, drag racing, operation, and tuning. ARP designs cylinder head bolts, main bearing bearings, driveline, etc.

The most commonly used type of bolts is ARP2000 bolts. ARP2000 provides a breaking strength of up to 220,000 PSI.

NOTE. You should be aware that you may be unlucky to get non-original ARP bolts if you buy up eBay or similar. Unfortunately, several of our customers have experienced this.

ARP U / C undercut - What is it?

What are U / C - ARP undercut bolts? - This means that the shaft diameter is smaller than the thread diameter. This eliminates the tension in the upper part of the thread and spreads the load over the entire bolt. Also, improve the resistance to the bolts sticking under heavy load.

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BMW M50, M52 & S50 / S52 (US Spec) - ARP Top Bolts

Top Bolts for BMW M50, M52 & S50 / S52 (US Spec)

BMW 2.5L (M50), 2.8L (M52) & 3.2L (S52US) inline 6 - ARP Main stud kit - 201-5000

Bolts for headrest for BMW 2.5L (M50), 2.8L (M52) & 3.2L (S52US) inline 6

VW water-cooled Main stud kit - 204-5402

ARP bolt for bearing assault at the crank.

ARP VW/Audi VR6 2.8L+2.9L Main Stud Kit


ARP 3/4in ID 0.12in OD Black Washer (Pack of 10)

ID: 10mm OD:19mm

ARP 7/16in ID 3/4inOD Black Washer (Pack of 2)

ID: 11mm OD:19mm

ARP BMW E46 M3/S54 Main Stud Kit

Also used in BMW M50 engine with the bigger Main Bearing Cap - As thise are a bit longer

ARP M10X1.50 and M10X1.25 Stud - 156mm

M10x1.5 : 25mm M10X1.25: 25mm

ARP M11 x 1.5 & 7/16 - 20 Stud

Length: 118mm

ARP M11 x 7/16-20 Undercut Stud w/ Broach

Length: 132mm

ARP VAG VR6 2.8L & 2.9L - Top Bolts 204-4705

Top bolts for the VAG VR6 12 valve

BMW M20 - ARP Top Bolts

ARP Top Bolts for BMW M20

Head Stud Kit - Nissan RN14 - M12

ARP Nissan SR20DET 12mm Head Stud Kit

Nissan CA18 - Head stud kit

ARP bolt for head piece
From €184,83

Flywheel Bolt Set - Nissan 2.0L - 4 cyl.

Quality Flywheel Bolt Set

TFSI - ARP Main stud kit - 204-5408

ARP bolt for bearing assault at the crank of the TFIS engine

TFSI - ARP Top Bolts - 204-4302

ARP Top Bolts for TFSI engine

Toyota Supra 2JZGE/GTE - ARP Head stud kit

€294,05 €268,17

VAG 1.8T - ARP Top Bolts

ARP Top Bolts for 1.8T engine
From €221,80

VAG AWT - Main stud kit

Fits engine with chain driven oil pump.

VAG VR6 12V - Main stud kit

ARP bolt for bearing assault at the crank. ARP VW / Audi VR6 2.8L + 2.9L + 3.2L Main Stud Kit