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Mixing meter (AFR GAUGE)

Mixing meter for fixed mounting in the car or for temporary mounting, eg for running in or testing cars. We have several different mixer / wideband lambda probes, from eg AEM, PLX, Innovate, and Vems. When installing a mixer, the lambda probe must often be calibrated, this you must remember to do when the probe is not mounted in the exhaust, or it must have stood for 3-4 days without starting.

If you have a request for another watch, feel free to contact us.

Measurement of the mixture

Adjusting an engine's petrol/air mixture is something that can be done easily with one of the products below. It is a must for a correct adjustment that you have an opportunity to be able to read the combustion. The mixing ratio of a petrol engine must be 14.7 kg of air to 1 kg of petrol (14.7: 1). However, this is not the most effective mixture. If you go for power from the engine, approx. 10% more gasoline. If the best economy is sought, approx. 10% less petrol, a lean mixture, however, gives more heat development and less power.

The optimal setting to look for when looking at the entire rev range is a slightly fatter mixture at idle, slightly leaner at half throttle, and a slightly fatter at full throttle.

Another way to express the mixing ratio is via, the air excess number. The excess air number is an expression of the mixing ratio and a number of 1.0 (lambda = 1.0) corresponds to a ratio of 14.7: 1. For a petrol engine, the number must be between 0.6 - 1.2, these are the absolute outer limits.


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AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO GAUGE

Quality AFR GAUGE from AEM

Innovate - LC-2 Wideband Controller 8ft.Cbl Kit (S / Bung + O2) - 3877

Innovate lambda meter with sensor, cables, controller and welding nut for exhaust.

AEM - Wideband sensor - Digital - 30-4110

High quality AEM broadband probe.
€335,88 €293,89

Innovate dual AFR measurement - DLG-1 - 3891

Innovate mixer with 2 lambing probes and display.


Quality AFR GAUGE from AEM

AEM X-Series Wideband UEGO GAUGE

Quality Sensor from AEM

Innovate LC-2 - Blue display light - 3795

Innovate LC-2 mixer: Lambda cable + 02 Sensor. Standalone Wideband controler.
€268,03 €200,85

Innovate LC-2 - Red display light - 3796

Innovate LC-2 mixer: Lambda cable + 02 Sensor. Standalone Wideband controler.

AEM Analog Wideband UEGO Gauge 30-5130

Quality Analog from AEM

AEM X-Series AEMnet CAN bus Gauges - 30-0312

Quality Pressure Gauge from AEM With AEMnet
€207,07 €133,68

Autogauge Broadband Mud Probe - Digital

Broadband mud probe kit for mounting in the cabin.
From €200,85

Innovate AFR measurement + Boost controller SCG-1 - 3882

Innovate mixer and boost controller in 1 unit.

Innovate mixer LM-2

Innovate mixer gauge LM-2, measures the bonding ratio in the exhaust. Used in connection with running-in and adjustment of motor control.
From €419,85

Innovate MTX-L PLUS - All in one meter

Here you get a mixer from Innovate where everything is built into the clock.
From €268,03

Innovate PSB-1 PowerSafe Boost & Wideband O² Gauge Kit

All-in-one, boost safety override and wideband air / fuel ratio gauge
€402,38 €369,46

VEMS mixer + Boost control

VEMS Wbo2 Mixer and turbo pressure regulation