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Qualitec sells several different models of Megasquirt ECU. Megasquirt is a widely used engine control that allows you to adjust the ignition and fuel precisely to suit your specially built engine or conversion. Megasquirt engine control is used when retrofitted turbo, compressor, or  throttle bodies.

Below you will find 3 different types of Megasquirt where you choose how your box should be built!

Download free software for Megasquirt:
Tunerstudio Download

Feel free to contact us and we will help you choose how your Megasquirt engine management should be built.


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Programmable motor control for motorcycles. This motor control is small and easy to place on a motorcycle.
From €537,71

MS3 PRO EVO Incl. wiring

Megasquirt 3 PRO EVO incl. 2 meters of wiring harness

MS3Pro Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System

Megasquirt 3PRO Ultimate Standalone Engine Management System
From €1764,35

MS3Pro EVO Uncrimped AMPSEAL Connectors

This plug and pin kit features the MS3Pro AMPSEAL white & gray connectors plus 75 pins- more than enough for making your own MS3Pro EVO or 1st Gen harness.