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H profile connecting rods

The connecting rods must be lightened to reduce the moving mass, this will lower the inner mass. Each connecting rod and piston must then be weighed and adjusted so that each cylinder has the same mass (weight), this is done to balance the moving parts.
Below you will find H beam connecting rods at cheap prices, we have connecting rods for various car brands. Our full range of connecting rods has unfortunately not been added yet so if you are missing a set of cheap connecting rods you are very welcome to contact us and we will help to get it home.

Performance connecting rods in 4340 steel

If you need to build a new engine that needs a lot of power, H-profile connecting rods are a very important element in the engine construction. Pliers and pistons are typically where there is the most load, as well as where it costs the most money if it does not last for the effect as there are many consequential damages to the engine if they do not last. Pliers are typically made of 4340 steel which is very durable material - We have never experienced that these pliers have not been able to hold!

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3/8 "connecting rod bolts - SPA turbo

Strong bolts for H-profile connecting rods or upgrade to original connecting rods.
€12,77 €8,40

K1 - BMW 135mm - H-profile connecting rods

Quality H-profile connecting rods made of 4340 steel and machined in CNC machine.

Mercedes Benz OM606 - Connecting Rods

I-beam conrods - Includning bolts - Set of 6 pc.

VAG 144mm. - K1 H-profile connecting rods

K1 144mm. connecting rods that can hold up to 500+ hp.

PSA EW10J4 Main Bearings

H086/5 STD

Honda H22 - H-profile connecting rods

Honda H22 connecting rods that can hold up to 500+ hp.
€319,25 €133,75

Toyota 2JZ-GE / GTE - Bearing bars

Toyota 2JZ-GE / GTE 6 pcs. H-profile

VAG 1.8T / TSI FSI - H-profile connecting rods

Pole bars that can hold up to 500+ hp.
From €110,90

VAG VR6 2.8L & 2.9L 12V - 164mm. - K1 H-profile connecting rods

K1 164mm. connecting bars that can hold up to 600+ hp.
€1008,16 €940,28

VAG VR6 R32 R36 - 164mm. - K1 H-profile connecting rods

K1 164mm. connecting bars that can hold up to 600+ hp.

Wiseco VW 1.8T 144mm- Connecting Rod Kit

4 Cyl