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EGT sensor - Exhaust temperature sensor

With these sensors, you can measure the temperature of the exhaust or manifold.

Combustion temperature
The temperature of the exhaust gas is also a measure of the mixing ratio. Of course, it is not possible to measure directly inside the cylinder, therefore the sensor is placed in the manifold, immediately after the cylinder head. You must install a resistor sensor type K (max. 1000 ° C) in one or more exhaust ducts.

The sensor should sit as close to the cylinder head as possible to obtain accurate values. The sensors must be connected to a data collector that has relatively fast logging so that all fluctuations are captured. At the same time, it is also important that the sensors are as small as possible, as the larger a sensor is, the longer it will take to react to the temperature changes. If you invest in an injection plant, such as VEMS you will have the opportunity to simultaneously log data while driving.

If the temperature in the exhaust gas is measured, it must be:

Idle time: 332°C

Partial load: 500-600°C

Full throttle: 710-766°C

Under no circumstances may the temperature exceed 900 ° C for a petrol engine and 950 ° C for a diesel engine. If you get above these temperatures, you will get burnt pistons and cracks in the cylinder head. 

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Closing screw for nut by EGT - Stainless steel SS304

Closure screw for the EGT nut in 1/8"

Nut for EGT - Vibrant Performance 1197

Nuts for EGT in 1/8 ". Stainless steel.

Exhaust sensor, EGT sensor - Universal

Genuine sensor, measures exhaust temperature.

AEM X-Series EGT Gauge - 30-0305

Quality EGT Gauge from AEM

Autogauge - EGT gauge / Exhaust temperature gauge

Exhaust temperature gauge from Autogauge in black with gray border.

AEM EGT Gauge celsius - 30-5131

Quality Pressure Gauge from AEM Up to 980C
€272,20 €218,43

Autogauge EGT Exhaust Temperature Meter - Dark

EGT meter from Autogauge in black with dark silver edge and stepper motor technology. Cheap, high quality Exhaust Temperature Meter from Autogauge.

Innovate MTX Digital Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Gauge Kit - LAGERSALG

32 - 1999 F (0 - 1093 Celsius)
€277,24 €184,83

Closing screw for nut by EGT

Closure screw for the EGT nut in 1/8 ". Zinkcoated soft steel

Exhaust sensor, EGT sensor - Autogauge

Genuine sensor, measures exhaust temperature - Fits Autogauge

Exhaust sensor, EGT sensor - Whose motor control

True sensor for Vem's engine control, measures the exhaust temperature.