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Universal exhaust & Sports exhaust

Qualitec offers I wide range of exhausts in different price ranges all high quality and good value for the money. So you can get the perfect exhaust for what you need, without overpaying or compromising on quality. We offer exhausts for both diesel and petrol cars. We also sell mufflers, stainless steel straps, clamps, flex pipes. You can build a custom made exhaust with universal parts in high quality, such as Simons exhausts, that are high quality and make a good sound. They are durable and won't rush, which makes them an excellent choice for exhaust builds.

If you have any questions regarding sports exhaust or universal exhausts

Then your most welcome to contact us with your questions, and we will do our best to help and guide you, so you get the perfect exhaust system for your needs. 

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Stainless strips

Stainless strips for putting out powerwrap on exhaust
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