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Top gasket from Athena - Cutting ring gasket

Athena cutting ring top gasket are some of the best tuning head gaskets you can get. They hold an incredible amount of power and are also tight. Cutting ring top gasket can be mounted without having to make a groove in the top piece or the bell, this makes mounting very easy as if it were an original top gasket. We get all the packs home that Athena makes, so if you do not find the gasket you need, contact us.

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Athena MLS Head gasket VW VR6 D.83,0MM - TH 1,65MM

2.8/2.9L 12v - VR6 - 2.8L 24v - VR6

BMW N54B30 - Athena cutting gasket - 330074R

Cutting ring seal for BMW N54B30 engine. D: 86mm. TH1,5mm. - The picture is an illustration.
€315,05 €302,45

Volvo B230 - Athena MLS

MLS gasket for VOLVO B230 - Athena MLS Head gasket VOLVO 2.3L B230A-E-F-FT - Diameter 97mm. Thickness 1.15mm.