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Mounting brackets - Rubber clips for mounting eg. fuel hoses, etc.

Here you can find hose holders for mounting fuel hoses, and possibly also wires. If you need to run fuel hoses under the car, it's important to examine if it's legal in the branch of motorsports you take part in. We recommend you use fuel hoses made from aluminum or copper if you plan to run them under the car or use a protective tube.

You can use a fitting with an AN8 intake and an AN6 return, to get a really good flow to the engine, this is a very popular way of doing it. 

You can also get single fittings if you only need to run a single hose, as sometimes requires if you eg. have a carburetor engine.

Or lightweight aluminum fittings with rubber-effort to protect the hose. 

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AN fitting - Hose holder - Black

Here you see quality hose holder in black
From €4,71

AN fitting - Hose mounting bracket

Hose fittings in aluminum for hose mounting.
From €2,86

AN fitting - Hose separation Black or Blue

Here you see quality hose separator.
From €2,52

Rubber Clips - Bracket with rubber

Clips holder which can be used for any. gasoline hose or wires.
From €0,94

AN fitting - Hose mounting bracket - Stainless steel

Hose fittings in stainless steel for hose mounting.
From €2,42

AN - Hose separation - Black

AN hose separator
From €6,05

Hose separation - Billet Line

Billet Line - Hose separation
From €4,71