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Water temperature indicator for the car - Motorsport, rally & tuning

Our water temperature indicators are a stock item and can typically be shipped within 24 hours of ordering. All our indicators are of high quality and mainly used for motorsport, rally, and tuning.
If you can't find the item you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help.

Very easy to mount, and you need 12 volts from the ignition, ground, and signal wire from the engine, and the sensor is mounted in the engine. 

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Electrical oil & water temperature gauge sensor

Sensor for Autogauge water temperature gauge

Autogauge Water Temperature Meter - Black

Cheap water temperature meter from Autogauge with black background.
€33,60 €31,59

Autogauge Water Temperature Meter - Smoke

Water temperature gauge from Autogauge in really nice design and quality.
€53,63 €49,06

Autogauge Water Temperature Meter - White

Water temperature gauge from Autogauge with white background.
€40,19 €37,50

Autogauge water temperature gauge - Digital

52mm water temperature gauge from Autogauge

AEM X-Series Temperature Gauge - 30-0302

Quality Temperature Gauge from AEM

Autogauge Water Temperature Meter - Dark

Autogauge water temperature meter in black with dark silver edge and stepper motor technology. Cheap water temperature measures in high quality from Autogauge.
€70,57 €67,07

AEM X-Series Gauge Faces 30-0302-ACC

Quality GAUGE Face from AEM

AEM Temperature Gauge- 30-4402

Quality Temperature Gauge From AEM
€214,56 €151,22