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Engine parts

Here you can find performance car parts for the engine. We offer low prices, high quality, and professional support. If I can't find what you're looking for don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to help.
When you're upgrading an engine, you need to make sure you have a solid starting point, with an engine block that can tolerate the desired effect, or be upgraded to do so, by mounting a stress plate at the bottom of the engine near the main caps. Make sure the engine block can be properly cooled, to avoid the last cylinders running hotter than the front ones.
The crank, located in the engine has a certain stroke length that can be increased under special circumstances, but it's no simple task. You need to be aware not to surpass a piston speed of 20 meters per second, or the motor oil will lose its ability to lubricate properly, and will at least require a specialized motor oil. 

The stroke length on the crank and the cylinder drilling is the basis of the engine's volume. Its generally a good idea to replace the connecting rods, as they are made from cast iron, and not perfectly shaped for the increased RPM, or durable enough to handle the increased stress from the pistons and crank. If your engine needs to handle more RPM then standard, you need to make sure its at least correctly balanced, and durable enough.

If you want more effect and rpm, you also need forged pistons, made from a different material. They are often lighter than original pistons, and able to handle a higher combustion pressure, plus the increased stop/start force the pistons have at each end of the cylinder.
When mounting the new engine parts, you need to have the engine block plan ground, the cylinder drilled up, and it's also a good idea to balance the swing wheel clutch and crank at the same time. 
If you drill the engine block, make sure to have the company that did the drilling, also take care of cleaning the engine block, so you guaranteed that it's done properly.
We recommend the company that does the engine renovation also takes care of putting it back together, so you get a proper warranty. Do your research on the company before picking, till your satisfied they know what they are doing. 

Piston speed (m/sec) = stroke length x 2 x rotations/minute / 60000


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