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Sports Exhaust / Catback

Quality exhausts in stainless steel, at sharp prices.
Get a nice sporty finish, better sound, and performance that will give you more driving pleasure for many years to come!
All the exhaust systems we sell are designed to improve the car's performance compared to an original. And that it should give a nice sporty look and sound.
In particular, we can recommend our Simon's exhaust systems, which are really high quality for the money.
All exhausts from Simons are in ss304 stainless steel, which means an expected service life of 10-20 years.
We have exhaust systems for many car brands and models, but if you can not find one that fits your car, you are always welcome to contact us.

Simon's exhaust approved for road driving and car inspection in the EU!

All Simon's exhaust that is EU approved will have an E-type approval attached at the bottom of the page, that way you are sure that your exhaust can go problem-free through inspection in the future.

Simon's sports exhaust

With a Catback/sports exhaust from Simons, you get a lot for your money. An exhaust from Simons is always in top quality ss304 stainless steel, and even the more expensive alternatives on the market, can not match that. In addition, Simon's sports exhaust gives a great sporty look and sound. Often, everything you need for mounting will be included in the price, and Simon's exhausts are easy to mount and often require very little adjustment. A Simon's sports exhaust has been tested to withstand high temperatures and driving at maximum performance.

Magnaflow sports exhaust

With a MagnaFlow sports exhaust and Catback exhaust, you get a super nice sound, as well as exhaust pipes in really high stainless quality. Magnaflow complete exhaust "Catback" exhaust is American quality that lasts for many years. Magnaflow makes exhaust for many car brands and of course mainly American cars. Magnaflow is a bit more expensive than eg. Simon's complete Catback exhaust - We recommend Simon's exhaust as the stainless steel material is incredibly high-quality and they also have a really nice sports sound.
Delivery time for exhausts from Magnaflow is typically 3-5 days. If the item is not in stock in Italy, the item must be sent directly from the USA, here delivery can be approx. 14+ days.