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AN-Fittings for flex fuel sensor

For when you wanna run on an alternative fuel source like E85 or methanol, we got the flex-fuel sensors and accessories you need for the system. It measures how much alcohol is in the fuel, and sends an electronic signal to the engine control. Using alternative fuel sources with alcohol is increased cooling, which results in more power to the wheels. The downside is increased fuel consumption.

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AN6 - 3/8 "Hard tube (9.5mm)

Fits our flex fuel sensor

AN6 - 5/16 "Hard tube (8mm)


Connector for Flex Fuel sensor

Fits Flex Fuel sensor - VEMS, ECU MASTER, Megasquirt etc.

AN8 - 5/16 "Hard tube (8mm)


Flex fuel sensor - VEMS - ECU MASTER, Megasquirt etc.

Flex fuel sensor for programmable engine control.
€151,22 €100,81

AEM Electronics Ethanol Content Sensors 3/8" Barb - 30-2200

Sensor to AEM Wideband

AN8 - 3/8 "Hard tube (9.5mm)

Fits our flex fuel sensor

AN -> Quick connection - Flex fuel sensor

Really fine mounting when you need a flex fuel sensor fitted