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Fittings for brake pipes & brake hoses - High quality

Below you will find. brake pipe nipples, fittings, banjobolte and banjo eyes in stainless steel. We have many fittings for building a new brake pipe system, we do not have what you are just missing and you are welcome to call or write so we can find the parts you are missing.

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Copper pipe Ø4,8x0,8 - More variants

Choose from several lengths.
From €23,53

Banjo eye for snake and "he" -AN

Banjo eye for PTFE hose or for AN
From €12,35

Banjo eye for snake and "he" -AN

Banjo eye for PTFE hose or for AN
From €12,35

Straight Banjo hose ends

Banjo eye directly to PTFE hose.
From €10,09

Double Banjo hose end

From €12,77

Straight, 0 °, 45 ° and 90 ° fittigs for brake hose

Fittings for brake hoses. Available in various angles and connections.
From €6,72

T-pieces with and without fittings

Various T-pieces
From €12,35


Y-pieces with hoses, male inputs, female inputs and hose attachment.
From €10,59

Inverted Flare Adapter - AN to Metric

Inverted Flare Adapters in various sizes.
From €4,03

Male Flare Union

Paint flare Union in different sizes.
From €3,53

Brake pipe sniper - Stainless steel

Stainless brake pipe nipples
From €3,19

Brake locators

M10x1.0 and M12x1.0 brake locators. Better pictures are coming soon.
From €3,19

Bleed screws

Venting screws with different threaded outlets
From €3,53

Circular / collector Copper T-piece

Brake system tee connector - 3 x M10x1 female thread.

Brake pipe nipples - Brake pipe nipples / Hydraulic handbrake

Different types of nipples for brake pipes and handbrake
From €2,69

Brake fittings accessories

Below you will find div. accessories for your brake fittings.
From €1,76

Bulkhead at angles, straight as well as nut

Normal straight bulkhead, 45 ° and 90 ° bulkhead as well as nut.
From €2,08

1/8" NPT -> AN3 (3/8''-24 UNF)

This fitting is used to convert 1/8 "NPT to AN3 (3/8''-24 UNF)

Banjo bolt M10X1.0 Length: 20mm


Banjo bolt M10X1.0 Length: 24mm


Banjo bolt M10X1.25 Length: 20mm


Banjo bolt M10X1.25 Length: 24mm


Banjo bolt M12X1.0 Length: 31mm


Banjo bolt M12X1.25 Length: 31mm


Banjo bolt M12X1.5 Length: 31mm


Double banjo bolt AN4 (7 / 16-20 UNF) - Length: 38.5mm

Length: 38.5mm