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Support bolts, pin bolts & copper nuts for exhaust manifold and turbo

If you're about to mount a turbo manifold or a turbocharger, you need the proper support bolts. The reason it's important is because of the heat and cooling generated by the turbo and manifold, which will cause a regular bolt to and nut to slowly rattle loose. Here you get a steel bolt that won't budge and a self-locking copper nut. The pin bolts are also well suited for mounting intake manifolds and similar mechanical parts. 

Below you're able to choose pin bolts/support bolts and copper nuts, or a kit made for VAG 1.8T motors, often used for mounting turbo kits.

If you want to make absolutely sure, there is nothing shaking, you can use HEICO-LOCK washers.

If you require a size we don't currently sell, your more than welcome to contact us. 

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M10 / M8 Support bolt

M10 thread at one end and M8 thread at the other end.
From €1,93

VAG 1.8T KIT - Support bolts and copper nuts

Pin bolts and nuts.
€35,61 €30,24

Tekson magnetic wristband

Magnetic wristband from Tekson
€8,40 €2,69

8 x M6x20 Steel bolts + Washers

Available in: Red Golden Purple Black Silver Blue Gray Green,Neo Chrome
From €6,58

HEICO-LOCK - Special Lock washer / washers

Really good lock washers that hold incredibly well.
From €0,47


Cheap copper nuts for exhaust or turbo mount.
From €0,50

Locking rings Ø3,0mm


Locking rings Ø5,0mm


Locking rings Ø6,0mm


Nut with lock steel

Steel nut with lock
From €1,14

Pin / support bolt 10mm.

Length 30-100mm. Normal increase of M10 thread is 1.5 - This is the increase unless otherwise stated.
From €0,42

Pin / support bolt 12mm.

Length 30-65mm.
From €2,02

Pin / support bolt 6mm.

6mm stud bolt, length 30-55mm.
From €0,47

Pin / support bolt 8mm.

8mm stud bolt, length 30-55mm. Thread increase is 1.25
From €0,35

Umbraco bolt 8mm.

Length 25mm.
From €1,14

Submerged unbraco bolt 5mm.

Length 16mm.
From €0,27