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KN air filter - Air filters for tuning and perfect sound

Below you will find various air filters to use when tuning cars. We are happy to provide an air filter at home specifically for your particular car. You are very welcome to contact us for the model and price. If you need hoses for the air filter, use silicone hoses or stainless steel pipe to make your suction system.

Need a KN filter and are looking for a KN filter dealer. Then Qualitec can help you. We provide KN filters for homes that suit your project. You can just find a KN air filter at the link below, there are many to choose from, but we get it home, also if you need it for your motorcycle. KN filter for diesel - You can easily use a KN filter for diesel cars!

Remember it can be a good idea to buy a cleaning kit for KN filter when you buy an air filter anyway.

For mounting, you can use our T-bolt clamps or stainless steel clamps

If you need a KN air filter for your car, you may. find it on the link below and we will get it home for you.

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K&N Performance air intake system

Dodge Ram 1500

KN air filter - 48mm. K&N Clamp-on

Bottom diameter 98mm. Top diameter 89mm. Total height 98mm.

2.668" KN Air Filter - 68mm - RU-0910

RU-0910 KN filter

5.5 "KN filter - 140mm. K&N air filter - RC-3150

Here is the KN air filter in the size 140mm. Ie they fit 5.5 inch tubes for ex turbo.
€146,36 €134,43

HKS style - air filter "Foam"

Foam filter HKS style. Sizes 3 ", 3½" and 4 "
From €43,69

Suction hose - Air intake pipe

Flex hose for suction or cooling of brakes.

Kn filter - Foam wrap

Foam filter to put beyond a KN filter
From €45,37

KN air filter clean & oil

KN air filter oil & KN filter cleaner. Here you get a cleaning kit for your KN filter.
From €8,33

K&N filter system - VAG TSI / TFSI - 57s-9500

1.2 / 1.4 / 1.8 / 2.0 TSI / TFSI

K&N Foam Wrap / Bag - Large - 25-0810

Inner diameter small end 10cm. Inner diameter large end 14cm. Length: 25cm.

2.438" KN Airfilter - 61.9mm - RU-1770

RU-1770 K&N filter

K&N Foam wrap / bag - 25 -1770

Inner length 17.5cm. Inner diameter 9cm.

2.87 "KN air filter 73mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. KN filter - RC-2600

Here you get a K&N sports air filter with 73mm. entrance. Length: 152mm.

3.1 "KN air filter 79mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. - RC-3250

Length: 152mm.

4,375 "KN air filter 111mm. K&N Clamp-on 450 hp. KN filter - RU-5061

Total length 197mm.

4 "KN" style air filter - 101.6mm - Clamp-on 400 hp.

Length 160mm. Without logo.
€50,41 €47,05

4 "KN air filter 101.6mm. K&N Clamp-on 450 hp. KN filter - RF-1015

Length: 178mm.
€100,82 €91,41

4 "/ 101.6mm. K&N Clamp-on 600 hp. - RE-0870

Length: 229mm. Total length: 270mm.

4 "/ 101.6mm. K&N Clamp-on 450 hp. - RU-2590

Length: 200mm.
€104,18 €86,71

3.5 "KN air filter 89mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. - RE-0920

Length: 228,6mm.
€100,82 €91,41

3.5 "KN air filter 89mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. - RE-0950

Length: 152mm.

3.5 "KN air filter 89mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. - RU-3550

Length: 140mm.
€100,82 €73,93

3.5 "KN air filter 89mm. K&N Clamp-on 375 hp. - RU-3130

Length: 178mm.

3 "KN" style air filter - 76mm - Clamp-on 400 hp

Length 160mm. Without logo.
€50,41 €47,05

3 "KN" style air filter - 76mm K&N Clamp-on 500 hp.

Trappe-MP-708-3 76mm.
Length 240mm. Without logo. - Diameter top 119mm. Diameter bottom 150mm.
€50,41 €47,05

3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 420 hp. KN filter - RE-0910

Length: 247mm.

3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 550 hp. KN filter - RE-0810

Length: 273mm. Flange diameter: 152mm.

3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 350 hp. KN filter - RR-3003

Length 127mm. Better flow with internal cone.

3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 350 hp. KN filter - RR-3001

Length 127mm. Better flow with internal cone. Red.

3 "KN air filter - 76mm. K&N Clamp-on 320 hp. KN filter - RB-0910

Length 127mm. Angled entrance.

2½" KN "style" luftfilter - 63mm. K&N Clamp-on 500 hk.

Length: 240mm.