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Buy Autogauge watches and products of the highest quality

We sell Autogauge products at very sharp prices, as well as everything they produce. If you did not find the product you are looking for on this page, you are very welcome to contact us. Instruments from Autogauge are produced in Taiwan in factories where the quality is top-notch, we can, as well as many other dealers confirm that there are incredibly few complaints with these products - They just work.

A product from Autogauge that is worth noticing is one of their broadband meters which is both cheap and works really well. Autogauge's top sellers are, for example, their charge pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge, and oil temperature gauge which are dark with a gray edge and with light in when there is ignition. Also, remember that they supply good instrument holders in 52mm. which fits most of their watches.

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Instrument housing for watches and displays

Available with 1, 2, and 4 holders.
From €9,41

Instrument holds A post

Here you get an instrument holder for the A-pillar. 52mm can be inserted. autoure in it.
From €20,17

Instrument holder A post - Carbon

Instrument holder with carbon look for the A-pillar. The instrument holder fits all instruments in 52mm.
From €33,62

Autogauge Broadband Mud Probe - Digital

Broadband mud probe kit for mounting in the cabin.
From €238,69

5 "RPM - Autogauge

Tachometer for mounting during instrumentation.
From €80,01

Autogauge - Boost controller - 2 bar

Electronic boost control from Autogauge

Autogauge - Boost controller - 3 bar

Electronic boost control from Autogauge up to 3 bar charge pressure

Autogauge - Turbo Timer - Square display

Small turbo timer with square display for cabin mounting.
From €50,43

Autogauge - Turbo lessons - With and without turbo

Small and simple turbo hours for cabin installation.

Autogauge 3 Bars Turbomanometer - Smoke

Turbo pressure gauge from Autogauge for 3 bar pressure.

Autogauge Charge Pressure Gauge - Black

Charge pressure manometer from Autogauge in black.
€40,21 €33,62

Autogauge Charge Pressure Gauge - Black - 3 bar

Charge pressure gauge from Autogauge in black that can measure up to 3 bar charge pressure

Autogauge Oil Temperature Meter - Black

Black oil temp gauge from Autogauge.
€33,62 €31,60

Autogauge Oil Pressure Gauge - Black

Real fine and cheap oil pressure gauge from Autogauge with neutral finish.
€44,24 €40,21

Autogauge tachometer - Black

Super good speed counter from Autogauge.

Autogauge Water Temperature Meter - Black

Cheap water temperature meter from Autogauge with black background.
€33,62 €31,60

Autogauge Voltmeter - Black

Voltmeter for mounting in the cabin. Super good quality from Autogauge. 52mm in black.

Gas Pressure Sensor - Autogauge

0-10 bar (10-180 Ohm)

Oil Pressure Sensor - Autogauge

0-10 bar (3-160 Ohm)

Exhaust sensor, EGT sensor - Autogauge

Genuine sensor, measures exhaust temperature - Fits Autogauge