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Toyota Supra - 1jz-GTE Adjustment

Toyota Supra - 1jz-GTE Adjustment

Qualitec has been responsible for the installation and adjustment of the Toyota Supra MKIII with 1jz-GTE engine fitted with E-manage.

No Limit Drifting - It will be good to see it run to eg DHB.

GReddy E-manage is really nice steering for Toyota Supra. It controls the amount of gas really well.

The engine compartment of the older Supra MKIII has been rebuilt with a newer engine - 1jz-GTE



Above looks in a dyno certificate where it reaches 4700 RPM. A pressure hose comes off. But note it makes a full 342 hp. and 522 NM. It would have had a very good chunk over 400 hp, without the lost pressure hose.