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Garrett - Out-of-the-ordinary Turbo.

The name John Clifford Garrett is inextricably linked to the history of turbocharging. Garrett's passion for engineering and aviation was evident from an early age, and in 1928 he became Lockheed's 29th employee.
However, he had the ambition to run his own airline, and on May 21, 1936, he set up the Aircraft Tool and Supply Company (later the Garrett Supply Company) in a one-room office in Los Angeles. In the late 1930s, the company's first product, a full-aluminum intercooler for aircraft, was completed. In the late 1940s, after World War II, the ATSC gave a giant leap on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The 1950s were marked by Garrett's diversification and expansion. The company's experience and knowledge and aerospace design supported the development of the company's nationwide business, and soon the name Garrett became synonymous with engine amplification in the automotive industry.

The story of the Turbo begins in 1954 when Garrett's T15 turn was paired with the Caterpillar D9 crawler. Although the aptly named Oldsmobile Jetfire Turbo Rocket became the first turbocharged production car in 1962, the influence of technology was instead recognized in commercial vehicles when John Deere in 1967 chose the Garrett T04 turbo to be used as the standard turbo in their range of farm tractors. At this point, people thought it was a move that could ruin John Deere's reputation, and so the whole industry followed suit.
It was not until the 1990s that turbocharging became mainstream worldwide when Garrett's new variable nozzle turbine (VNT) technology enabled a 1991 Fiat Croma to adjust the flow of exhaust gases to the direction of specific engine requirements. When Volkswagen-Audi paired VNT technology with their 1.9L diesel engine for the Frankfurt Motor Show launch in 1995, the symbiotic fit between turbocharging and direct injection of diesel engines was confirmed. This resulted in evolution becoming a revolution.

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All Garrett GT / GTX47 through to GT60 T6 turbine equipped turbos

Stainless steel - fits 1414G

All Garrett T3 turbine housings and Borg Warner EFR 7064/7670 B-Type turbine

Plain iron - suitable for packing 1400G

Garrett banjo connection - Black alu

Fits Garrett turbocharger with 7 / 16-24 UNF

Garrett GT / GTX42 T6 turbine equipped turbos

Stainless steel - suitable for gasket 1443G

Garrett GT / GTX42 T6 turbine equipped turbos

Plain iron - fits packing 1443G

Garrett GT30 and GT35 models (Divided / Twin Scroll)

Fits clamp 1416C

Garrett GT30 / 35 4-Bolt to 3 "V-Band Adapter

does not include mating flange, fasteners and clamps.

Garrett GT30 / GT35 4 Bolt for V-band, flange adapter

GT30 / 35 4-Bolt for V-Band Adapter Flange Kit for 3 "O.D. downpipe (includes adapter flange, mating flange, V-Band clamp and fasteners)

Garrett GT3271 turbine

Stainless steel - suitable for gasket 1445G

Garrett GT3271 turbine

Plain iron - suitable for gasket 1445G

Garrett GT3271R

Stainless steel

Garrett GT3271R

Plain iron

Garrett GT4088 703457-2 - Turbo outlet flange

1.00134.00 - 19854
Stainless steel

GARRETT GTX2860R GEN II 200-475 HP A / R 0.64 - 856800-5003S

Complete turbocharger with turbine housing.

GARRETT GTX3071R GEN II - 340-650PS - T3 - 856801-5006S

Complete turbocharger with turbine housing.
€1747,56 €1592,82